Gallery Six Thirteen is a contemporary fine art gallery dedicated to supporting and cultivating local visual artists in the Belmont and surrounding communities.​  

Our mission is to support the success of our artists, both emerging and established, and to serve as a source of enrichment for the Belmont community.  We especially aim to help launch the careers of emerging artists, provide exhibit space for both solo as well as group exhibitions, and contribute to the cultural revival underway in the area.  

The Gallery was founded by artist Karla Cohen, who, together with friends and local artists, expect to open in early March 2017.  If you are interested in contributing to the development of this unique space, contributions can be made here. The photo to the right shows the gallery in its current state - still undergoing renovations before the March 11 opening.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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